Dumbing Down the Bimbo Trance

Length: 56:56; A trance aimed to shrink your pathetic mind even further. Your complex thoughts will soon be replaced with thoughts of sex and looking pretty. Simple things like butterflies, makeup, clothes, etc will be all you will wish to think of. Surrender your mind and mold it completely into the airhead you were meant to be.


Sissification Hypnosis

Length: 36:17; A sissification hypnosis that will make you crave to become more feminine and dress up. You will want to look cheap, dressy, and emasculated as your manhood is replaced with dresses and make up.


Urine Drinking Hypnosis

Length: 36:03; A urinal based trance where you become the filthy urine drinker you know you have always wanted to be. Piss will become more and more delectable for you the more you listen to this trance and taste piss.


Slave Shrinking Hypnosis

Length:33:01;A hypnosis that aims to make the listener shrink physically, mentally, and have the cock shrink as well. Your mind will only want to hold the capacity that will be enough for my voice and your body will grow much smaller. Your cock will get even more useless. Light Chasity themes.