About and Hypnosis Information

About Me

Hello and welcome to my site. I am using this site to act as a portal based directory to navigate and filter through my hypnosis content. A little bit about myself, my name is Princess Fae and I have been into hypnosis for a few years now. I’ve always saw submission as something so beautiful and sacred yet so vulnerable at the same time. I aim to have my hypnosis help those explore their own desires without any guilt, but to feel freedom instead. I’ve always seen myself as a strong writer and I see hypnosis as a way to explore both erotic fantasies and to explore my own writing. It doesn’t help that I have a melodious voice as well, I used to do a lot of singing as a hobby but am slightly tone death and have no interest in making music. So instead of letting my voice go to waste, I see hypnosis as a way to help get it out there and be heard too.

Advice for a Stronger Trance

I have always witnessed those who are new to the hypnosis scene as ones who have difficulty with trance the most. Some things that can help with this include stretching before listening to a recording, making sure you are wearing clothes that aren’t too loose or tight, making sure your surroundings are organized, or making sure your room isn’t too hot or cold. Sometimes these things aren’t taken into consideration. Making sure you are lying down in a quiet area is a must (unless you are so experiences in hypnosis that you are able to drown it all out). Practice always makes perfect with hypnosis, one should explore many videos and maybe even listen to them multiple times to really get the desired effects.

Hypnosis and Guided Meditation Comparison

Hypnosis and guided meditation are usually lumped together by some. The main differences lies in the output of both disciplines. Usually Hypnosis is used to modify or arouse a certain behavior within an individual. It can either strengthen a certain behavior or desire or weaken it. With Guided meditation, it is usually aimed to help one relax and find zen, completely aiming to silence and relax the mind. Both are great for increasing overall concentration and to reduce anxiety when one engages in either activity.