Dumbing Down the Bimbo Trance

Length: 56:56; A trance aimed to shrink your pathetic mind even further. Your complex thoughts will soon be replaced with thoughts of sex and looking pretty. Simple things like butterflies, makeup, clothes, etc will be all you will wish to think of. Surrender your mind and mold it completely into the airhead you were meant to be.


Slave on All Fours Hypnosis

Length: 25:19; A slave/Pet play hypnosis that trains the listener to desire to be on all fours. Goes through proper walking discipline for most pet types (dog, cat, horse). Training involved the carrot and stick method so your simple pet mind will understand and be trained properly.


Anal Plug Training Hypnosis

Length: 15:42; A hypnosis that aims to make your anus open and ready to be used anytime. The listener will also desire to insert larger things and to feel empty without an insertion. This hypnosis requires an anal insertion of the listener’s choice to aid with the conditioning.